The Life of a Tween photagrapher

I'm 12, a photagrapher (amature), and loves cool stuff!

To all those who, on June 4th will fid themselves at the BTC Event, then I say to you,first of all, thank you for your help and donations. Secondly I hope you will be able to make it to my gallery! That’s right, I’m going to have a photography gallery in the BTC, or Be The Change Event! I told you people I was a photographer, so what you immediately don’t believe me?  Well I’ve taken pictures of the opening of a mini-golf course in Jersey City, I’ve taken pictures of various sporting events, and have even gotten serious recommendation from Kristen Stewart!!! I mean Kristen Sigler !!!!! Well heres some more proof !!! If you crave more after this or want to meet me in person, then get your tickets and come on down !!!!!    

PLAY W17H MY FAC3 !!!!

 I know, weird title right? Anyway, internet people please dont’t be mad at me please, I know I forgot to put the squirrel last blog, won’t happen again! Ok, down to bidness! Today in tech class, we scratched up the”Play with my Face”game, to make put our face in the front view instead of the guy, who I think is the creator.( Doubt it highly!!!!). See, what we had to do is first take a picture of our face (hardest part, for a guy like me, you can’t just slap a handsome face on whenever you want to! It has to come to you, luckily today was my lucky day!),  Then, you had to get rid of the other guys face by clicking “x”. (sionara meatball parmeseana!)   No? Nothing? Thought not! : ) Always could trust an honest answer from you people! Do that for all the faces and your gooda! Check it!

 Told ya!

Guess Who’s Back?

Hey interneeeeeeeettttt?!!!?!? Guess who’s Baaaaaaaaaaack!? Me AND THE SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!! THATS WHO!!!!! Anyway all crazy people formalities aside, how have you fien internet people been coping without me? WHAT? FINE? WHADDYA’ MEAN “FINE”? I MISSED YOU PEOPE!!!! ( Five Red Bulls Later….) Okay, down to buisnesss, today in tech class we got to Scratch up ( edit in our own way,[kinda like the IRS does to our lives]) a video game some girl named Tamara made, which involves you making letters bounce and make sounds. Take a look!


I’M WIGGIN OUT MAN!!! I’M WIGGIN OUT!!!Why,you say? My idiotic computer decided at almost the end of class that it wanted to mess up on me! It almost completely froze on me, and tried to not let me go onto the internet( inter-web, as my gramma used to call it ;^D) and do my daily blog! It makes me want to WIG THE FLIP OUT! Again! but theres no time for me to wig out! But there is time for the occasional squirrel drinking coffe! ( ;^D

Creating Prezi’s

SHMMMMMMM…….. ahhhhhhhhhh! I love the smell of Prezi in the morning! Literally, as I typeit is now 10:06 AM and I just got done working on a Prezi! I should give my condolances to the people who the people who lost thier Prezi,and to poor Brianna! I won’t name any names, but  I overheard some people saying that they saw Kapreece write that mean  note about Brianna. But anyway my Prezi was all good! It was fun being able to do it again! Well, I think it’s about time to hit the old dusty trail SQIRREL!!!!!!


SOOOOOOO! People who take time out of their day and read my blog, how are your daily lives going?! Huh? What’s that? YOU HATE YOUR LIFE AND WANT TO KILL YOUR BOSS?!?! Ehh, understandable. Anyway, enough of your needs! It’s time……. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!! JUUUUUUUST kidding! Toay ion the greatest class in the world we tried making a fun filled day at our various locations for someone other than ourselves, more specifically, Ms.Siggler! MAN, is she PICKY! Anyways ,yeah!! She totally REJECTED some ideas! Others she really were for! But it goes to show you,the custemer always knows what they want!!! 

Search For It!!!!!!!!!! ;^D

Today in the class of students who do nothing but sit on a computer and type all day, it was all about LOCATION,LOCATION,LOCATION!!!!!! We went on Google Maps and ffound distances to various places and things. It was pretty challenging for me because there are so many things to do in Suva! Plus the name just rolls off the tounge!!! SUUUUVVVVVVVAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! YEAH! Huh? What?!! RUNNING OUT OF TIME ?IT’S COMIING!!!!!!!! WHAT’S COMING?????!!!!!! Oh never mind! ;^D Just pictures of things I found and SQUIRRELS!!!!!

Translastion Dictionaries !!!!!! ;^D

Okay, you have to admit,Fiji is a awesome place. They speak,not one, not two, but three, count them THREE awesome languages! But I only had to translate one (thank goodness ;^D]which was a very complex langage called Urdu! PLUS the site Iwent to only translated one word at a time!!! So yeah, it was pretty annoying For me to do! But I got it done! Here’s a picture of Fiji! And A SQUIRREL! YOU LOVE HOW I THREW THAT IN THERE!!!!!

Iteneray Almost COMPLETE!

Hey,Hey,Hey! IT’S SKINNY CAMERA MAN! Today in class, we worked more on our iteneraries for our varios vacation spots!Seeing as though my spot was Suva,Fiji, It wasn’t easy for me to find and interact with things from that EXACT location! It took, and takes alot of tim effort and searching,but in the end it will be done!!!!! I WILL PREVAIL!!!! Huh, oh right! Anyway, Suva really is a great location! You, the avid reader should check it out even though the flights are far from cheap!


YEEEEAAAAAHHH BOYEE! Heler people who look at alll my posts ! Today we put the finishing touches on our iteneraries! My itenerary was based on Suva,Fiji which is a great place to go to! The itenerary wasn’t easy to make though, it required skill that is was still aquiring! Like copying and pasting! ;D ANYWAY, it was really fun. And then there were squirrels!